Qisas Al-Anbiya

02-08-2020 Ib-nl-arabi 1 comments

The Qiṣas al-'Anbiyā' or Stories of the Prophets is any of various collections of stories adapted from the Quran and other Islamic literature, closely related to exegesis of the Qur'an.

God will lift you up and give you Paradise if you have a good soul and do not destroy others. God made the mountains and the seas. He made all the animals. He made the heavens and the stars. He made the sun and the moon and He made the angels.

Then Allah decided to make a man. He called this first man Adam. He taught him many things so that Adam had more knowledge than the angels. There was one Jinn, called Iblis, the Devil. Iblis tried to compare himself to Adam.